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Low Vision Products for Computer Users:
ZoomText Magnification Software (optionally reads to you)
ZoomText Fusion

ZoomText ImageReader (PC)
ZoomText CamReader (Mac)

MAGic Magnification Software     (optionally reads to you)     
Dolphin Products 
Transformer HD

Large print keyboards
Large print keyboard key caps  for PC and MAC

Low Vision Products for Enlargement (CCTV's):
Merlin CCTV's
DaVinci CCTV
DaVinci Pro CCTV
Acrobat HD Mini Ultra Magnifier CCTV
Acrobat HD Long Arm CCTV
Acrobat HD Short Arm CCTV
13.3 " Portable Monitor
Transformer HD
Topaz OCR
Topaz CCTV
Topaz PHD
Desk Set
Onyx Portable HD Magnifier
Onyx OCR
EyePal Products

Portable CCTV's Magnifiers, Handheld Magnifiers, Glasses
Amigo HD

Pebble Mini
Pebble HD
Transformer HD with WiFi
Traveller HD

Compact+ HD Video Magnifier
Compact Touch HD Video Magnifier
Compact 7 HD Video Magnifier
Compact 5 HD Portable Video Magnifier
Compact 4 HD Portable Video Magnifier
Compact Mini Portable Video Magnifier
Compact+ Portable Video Magnifier
SenseView Duo
Ruby HD
Ruby XL HD
Ruby 7 HD
MoJo Electronic Monocular
Jordy wearable portable video magnifier
Max TV Glasses
Max Detail

Max Event

Hand Held Magnifiers

Blindness Products for Computer Users:
"Speaks to you" the info on your computer monitor or hardcopy documents
JAWS for Windows - Speaks the computer screen to you
Dolphin Products
Open Book - Reads books, magazines, letters to you.

Kurzweil 1000 - Reads books, magazines, letters to you

Pearl - USB Attached, Read books, magazines, letters to you

Braille Printers and Translators
Braille Printers
Braille Translator - Duxbury
Braille Learning Devices

PIAF - Pictures in a Flash

Braille/Standard Keyboard Notetakers and Braille Displays
ElBraille Windows Device for Blind and Deaf-Blind
Freedom Scientific Braille/QWERTY Notetakers
Freedom Scientific Braille Displays - Focus 40
Freedom Scientific Braille Displays - Focus 80
Freedom Scientific Braille Displays - Focus 14

Humanware Braille Notetakers
Humanware Braille Displays
HIMS Braille/Qwerty Notetakers
HIMS Braille Edge 40 Display
HIMS Smart Beetle Braille Display
Alva Braille Displays
Mountbatten Braille Learning Systems
Braille Learning Systems
iOS/Android Braille Displays

Braille Key Caps for PC and MAC keyboards

Blindness Products for Non-Computer Users:
SARA - Scanning and Reading Appliance
SARA CE - Scanning and Reading Appliance w/camera
SmartReader - Scanning and Reading Device
EyePal Products

OrCam Wearable Glasses Reads to You
VictorReader Trek Talking Book Player and GPS

Blindness Products General
GPS Kapten Mobile GPS - Pocket size GPS
VictorReader Trek Talking Book Player and GPS
Victor Reader Stream - DAISY-MP3 and NISO player
Victor Stratus 12 M -
plays DAISY, MP3 books, music on CDs, SD cards, and flash
ID Mate Galaxy Scanning Bar Code Reader
Blaze ET Daisy Player with OCR, Key pad and more
Blaze EZ Daisy Player with OCR
PlexTalk Daisy Player/Recorder

BookSense - Daisy Player

Voice Recognition: 
DragonDictate for Mac
Dragon Professional, Medical Suite or Legal Suite for Windows

Environmental Controls:
"Speak To Your Appliances" Control phone, TV, VCR, Stereo, lights, bed, A/C  all by voice

Pilot Pro
Pilot One
Automatic Page Turners
Adjustable Tables

Special Keyboards
Large Print Keyboards for low vision users

Half QWERTY One handed keyboard
Half Keyboard
One Handed Keyboards
Moveable Forearm Support -- ErgoRest

Computer Access:
One handed Keyboards - Maltron, Half-Qwerty (see special Keyboards)
Dragon Voice Recognition products
Key Caps
Arm Rests and Mouse Pads
HeadMaster 2000

Learning and Reading Disabilities:
WYNN a break through in Special Education can be used in classroom settings or home on a self-paced basis.


Tash, Prentke Romich, Able Net, Infrared Proximity Switch, Sip-Puff, Wobble, Micro Light, Tongue Switch, Paddle Switch, Eye Wink, Air Cushion, Mini-Rocker, Buddy Buttons, Mighty Mount, Switch Mounts, Jelly Bean

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