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Sara - Scanning and Reading Appliance

Sara Reading Machine Picture

(Also take a look at SARA CE)

SARA is perfect for seniors who are blind and need a easy way to read a wide variety of printed material including books, mail, newspapers, magazines, and so much more.

You can start using SARA right out of the box, with no experience or training. Just place your book or document on the scanning area, and press the scan button. SARA automatically scans and recognizes the text, and reads it to you. During the reading, you can adjust the voice rate and volume, as well as fast forward and rewind, or pause and take time to examine a document in detail. You can even spell out words to get a better understanding of what is being spoken.

SARA Navigation Buttons Picture

Colorful and large tactile keys on the simple keypad make using the SARA easy, even for beginners.


SARA Features

  • Navigation keys are easy to find, so the user can read a word or a line at a time, fast forward, rewind, and move up and down the scanned page.
  • The speech rate and volume are easily adjusted. Even choose the human-sounding reading voice of your preference.
  • Attach the SARA to a computer monitor for colorful, large print access to complement speech. You can even change the print type style, color, size, and spacing to fit your needs.
  • Support for scanning and reading in multiple languages
  • DVD/CD player for reading books saved on disk
  • Front mounted stereo speakers
  • Front audio jack for stereo headphones
  • Rear power jack
  • Built-in microphone
  • Size: 20 in. x 3.5 in. x 12 in. (50.8 cm. x 8.89 cm. x 30.48 cm.)
  • Approximate weight: 18 lbs. (8.16 kg.)
  • 20 GB hard disk drive

SARA Detailed Buttons Picture


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