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Welcome to NanoPac Inc.!  

Assistive Technology for People Who Are Disabled - NanoPac supplies products and services for individuals with disabilities (low vision, blindness, reading disabilities, quadriplegia, blind, legally blind, magnifiers, reading machines, magnification, reading glasses, environmental controls, voice activation, hearing impairments, voice recognition, speech synthesis, text to speech, magnifiers, and door openers).

Information on Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and Cataracts.

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  Reading Machines
for Low Vision Users


Please feel free to call and discuss your needs with a qualified associate
  Reading Machines
for Blind Users
    Hand Held Magnifiers

Software for Low Vision and Blind Users


    Adjustable Tables
ADA Compliant

Made in USA
Life Time Warranty
    Voice Recognition
    Computer System Picture Computer Systems
Pre-loaded with software
for your special needs
Configured to your needs

Blindness and Low Vision Systems - NanoPac provides complete solutions - computers configured with the appropriate solution for you - or the components you need for your existing system.

Voice Recognition Systems - NanoPac is a supplier of Voice Recognition systems for physicians, lawyers, professionals and anyone who would enjoy the freedom of totally hands free operation of your computer.

Service - NanoPac is service-oriented. Call us for assistance in configuring a system to meet your needs. We provide technical support and service for all our products.

Demonstration Center - NanoPac has a demonstration center to allow you a chance to see the products in action and select the product right for you.  Please give us a call, write or email us. We will be pleased to help.

NanoPac has been recognized as the best in service and support.  CNN featured NanoPac on a worldwide special depicting NanoPac's work with severely disabled.

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